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If you're a fan of the popular youtuber, DanTDM, then we here at the DanTDMapedia hope you will enjoy this wiki. On this wiki you can read about Dan's first ever Minecraft video, or Mod Showcase. You can also read about some of the characters on Dan's channel, like Dr. Trayaurus, his skeleton dog Grim, or his youtube friends, Justin aka 'thinknoodles' and James aka 'thnxcya '

Did you know?Edit

  • Before creating The Diamond Minecart, Dan had a channel all about Pokemon?
  • In his early videos, Dan wore a Panda skin?
  • Dan used to do Minecraft parody songs?
  • As of July 30th, 2016, Dan now owns a Diamond Youtube Playbutton?
  • Dan plays Pokemon Go?
  • Dan has a let's play of FNAF World?

Latest activityEdit

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